February 2020 Calendar Spread

Whats up, Buttercups! I am so happy to be back blogging and posting all of my favorite things. I experienced so many drastic life changes recently, but I am so blessed to blog, and work on artwork, and spend more time with my two year old. Planner layouts are a fun way for me to relax and de-stress. I’s almost like meditation for me.

So continuing on with cutting down on some older stickers, I’ve been trying to create layouts with some stickers that I wouldn’t typically use, or do not feel like I have enough of a vision of how I could utilize them into an organized and productive layout in conjunction with other stickers. I noted that I tend to steer away from yellow. Not sure why because, honestly, I think yellow is a B-E-A-Utiful color. But I did notice that I have very few yellow stickers in comparison to other colors. Here is what I came up with.

Monthly Page Layout

I used any yellow sticker I could find in my entire repertoire. I added some gold tape which I like but I wouldn’t recommend this particular tape. I got it at Hobby Lobby and it does not stick very well. But gold and yellow go very well together regardless.

Week 1 Planner Layout

So, the little purple “tab” stickers I have had since day 1. I know, it’s totally overused on this spread in my opinion, but like I said, I’m trying to use some older stuff so that I can buy some new things! Purple is the theme for this one obviously. And there isn’t much to say about this particular spread besides the fact that playing with different shades of the same color is totally cool. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve found that greens, reds and blues (primary colors) are particularly hard to mix different shades of in the same spread. Purples, greens, and yellows you should be good though.

Week 2 Planner Layout

I had this set of flowers that look particularly life-like, which made them hard to combine with any other flowers I had which typically looked like a cartoon or drawing. I started with the flowers and then found stickers that matched the colors within the flowers. I then went back and added the prismatic/stained glass-like tape when I realized That the colors were fairly similar.

Which came first The tape or the stickers?

So, I get this question quite a lot. Are you supposed to start with stickers first or tape first when starting a new planner loyout. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. I typically start with stickers just because I have more of them and I’m currently tying to cut down on some older ones by using them first and working around those opposed to trying to fit them in somewhere else.

I would say to start with what inspires you. Currently, I am inspired by desire for supply reduction. I want less stickers in my sticker box. I I have been working around the stickers. But when I purchase new tapes (which I definitely did yesterday and you’ll see them coming up soon in the march spread!) my gears definitely change to tape first. Because who doesn’t like using their new stuff? Not me. I use newer stuff than my older supplied. Hence,why I am in my current situation of purging via using older stickers first.

Week 3 Planner Layout

I know, I know. This page is overwhelming. Cupid threw up on it. I’m not mad about it, but I mean, look at those ice cream/Popsicle things. How was I going to use those without it looking like A barbie calendar? Thankfully I had and excuse to be kitschy and tacky as fuck: Valentine’s Day. What better way to get rid of all those small little page fillers (hearts) than to heart the shit out of a Valentine’s Day spread.

Week 4 Planner Layout

So recently my best friend came to visit me and I told her to bring all of her planner supplies. By the way, she started using stickers and tapes because of me (#flex). When she was here we had an impromptu planner party. The great thing about getting together with a fellow sticker/tape user is that you can trade! So we went through our inventories and then exchanged sticker that we may not use but the other person will. It was also great because if there were any layouts that we had that we felt were lacking, we could use each others tapes! This is an example of one of those layouts. I purchased a “farmhouse sticker book (not my favorite) that had a lot of muted and grey stickers. One I finished the stickers, I didn’t have a tape that even remotely fit in with the color scheme. This fun tape did the trick. Yes, it has color, but its no muted and simple that it isn’t overwhelming and adds just a touch of character. Also, who uses coffee stickers? Isn’t coffee just a every day thing? Well, anyways, I was inspired by sing these little coffee cups because no one plans coffee. Coffee is just life.

Alright homies. Hope you enjoyed this month’s spread! I will add a link in just a little with all of my products per usual on Likeittoknow.it.


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January Calendar Spread


Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. To be honest I’ve been really busy and have had zero inspiration. Nor am I confident in my ability to produce interesting content.

New Year, New Calendar!

I went with my favorite Erin Condren again because I loved it so much last year and I am still using most of the same sticker books until I start running low which currently I am not.

January Spreads

I have also linked most of the products used for these spreads on my #likeitkit page!

Linked here!



August Calendar Spread

Hey guys! I apologize that I’ve been pretty absent lately. August is crazy for me with my day time job, and on top of that, we moved! There has been little free time, and when there has been, I’ve used it to eat or sleep. So, below are my August spreads for my calendar. Loved some, hated others. It is what it is. Comment your favorite below!

July Calendar Spread

I had such good feedback regarding my calendar spreads. Not only did I inspire people, but it made me feel incredible that people found them to be cute. So, in an attempt to keep the good vibes, I’m going to keep posting them every month!

Month Page


So as you can see, I’m trying to work on color coating the design portion with the functional part. That way everything matches. I got a HUGE book of flower sticker so I thought this would be a fun way to use them for the monthly spread.

Week One


I can’t lie, this is one of the best spreads I have ever done. But, don’t get discouraged if a spread doesn’t turn out so great because the more you practice with different layouts and different supplies, the better they’ll get!

Week Two


As I said before, every spread cannot be perfect. But, the great thing is that there are tons and tons of products out there. If I had really wanted to I could have gone out to buy some stuff to spruce up this page. However, I didn’t have the time or motivation for this spread.

Week Three


When I first started this spread, all I did were the middle vertical flowers. Honestly, I should have left it that way because it was adorable. So, just try to remember that less is more sometimes!

Week Four


Rose Gold is so popular right now, so I tried out this spread! Turned out pretty good!

Here is a list of the products used for this months’ spreads:

  • Erin Condren Life Planner (Vertical Spread)
  • The Happy Planner Sticker Book (Fun Florals)
  • Erin Condren Designer Sticker Book (Classic Collection/Edition 4)
  • The Happy Planner Sticker Book (Simply Lovely)
  • Agutape AGU Foil Gold Skinny Washi Tape (purchased on Amazon)
  • The Happy Planner Sticker Book (Watercolor)

Hope you enjoyed! Comment or share your ideas below!


June Calendar Spread

Alright, so recently I started doing a little more “designing” in my calendar to keep it fun and fresh and functional. I was tired of having notebooks with lists, a calendar with appointments, and sticky notes everywhere. So I purchased an Erin Condren calendar and over time I have collected a butt load of stickers. It makes my planner not only cute and functional, but it always keeps things interesting. It is also a HUGE stress reliever to design a planner page! I usually dedicate at lease one hour of time for myself on Sundays to design my calendar/planner pages. I try to do it when the weekend is winding down and I’m getting ready to start another work week. I figured, since I love it so much and I always look for other designs, why not share my own in hopes that it inspires some designs of your own! I will list several of the products I use below the pictures of my June calendar/planner pages below if you would like to purchase any of the same products!

So Here is my June Calendar page which is located at the beginning of the month. Then I have separate planner sheets for each week in that month. This inspiration was really just because I purchase some new flower stickers and wanted to see how I could fill some negative space. I love stickers with clear backgrounds because if they are a little too big for a space your can just overlap and still see what is below. I’ve also been practicing my script skills. As you can see in the top row, before the actual June calendar days start, I practiced a quote and added a “beach” with an arrow showing when I will be on vacation!
I am a total stickler for matching colors or color schemes. As you can see the color scheme is mostly hot pink in this one. Not only can you play with stickers to build your design, but you can also use washi tapes. They are basically decorative tapes. You can see where I used some tape on the bottom right page and a little bit throughout just to kind of break up the negative space. If you look closely you can also see where I have already messed up. IT OK TO MESS UP. It’s only a week and once the week is up you won’t have to look at it anymore. I use that whiteout tape to cover up any mistakes or to “erase” appointments that get canceled or changed.
Sometimes when I start to run low on stickers, I have to pick something I have a lot of and then build off of that. So for this one the theme is strawberries and watermelon. I used mostly red but there’s a little bit of green in there as well. Definitely a wonderful summer inspired spread. There is also a little bit of gold washi tape to accent.
The best thing about this Erin Condren spread is that it is completely up to you to customize it. I would say this spread is the closest thing to bullet journaling because it has three dot outlined segments for each day. I’m not going to lie, bullet journaling scares the shit out of me; I don’t feel like I’m creative enough to design a whole functional page. This spread kind of splits the difference. Erin Condren has other calendar spreads such as a daily one where it has 30 minutes times listed from morning until night. I had that one and didn’t like it because it wasn’t customizable enough for me. This one gives me the freedom to make my own functional spaces while still keeping track of daily tasks and appointments at my leisure.
This is most definitely my favorite layout in this month. Watercolor flower sticker are my absolute FAVE! Not much to say about this one. It’s pretty much the shit.
Pretty simple. Mint and Gold. Sometimes you can go ALL out with stickers and sometimes minimalism is better.

So here are some of the items that I used in these spreads of you are interested:

  • Erin Condren Life Planner (vertical layout)
  • The Happy Planner Stcikers (Various packs, all available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Target)
  • agenda 52 sticker pack (also available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Target)
  • Dalus gold foil washi tape (purchased on amazon)
  • agutape skinny gold foil washi tape (purchased on amazon)

As always, feel free to reach out with your comments and questions!


Ready, Set, LASHES!


It’s FINALLY here ladies! Have you ever tried eyelash extensions? Have you ever wanted to try them? Let me tell you. I have all the tea. They are the best thing I have ever done to help enhance my appearance. I’m obsessed, but the downside is they are really expensive to keep up. So how can you get amazing lashes without spending all of your moolah? Watch my video below!

Here is a list of the products I used:

  • ARDELL PROFESSIONAL LashTite For Individual Lashes- Dark Adhesive
  • CHERISHLOOK professional eyelashes- Double Knot Free Flare- Short Black
  • CHERISHLOOK professional eyelashes- Double Knot Free Flare- Long Black
  • ARDELL DURALASH regular individuals- Short Black
  • ARDELL DURALASH regular individuals- Medium Black
  • ARDELL DURALASH regular individuals- Long Black
  • Regular Tweezers
  • Compact mirror

If you have any questions about what I used or my process, please reach out!

65 Roses?

When you think back on your childhood, everyone always can think of their first “memory”. Maybe it was the first time you played soccer, or the first goal in hockey. Maybe it was your first recital, or the first fight you got in with your sibling. Maybe you were 5 years old, maybe you were 12. Everyone’s first recollection is different, but it is burned into your memory. You can remember what the weather was like, you remember the smell, you remember, every detail about the room you were in, about who you made eye contact with. This moment will always be a part of you because you have stored this moment in your long term cortex. For me, this memory isn’t what an average person would expect.

I was 11 years old. It was 2001. My parents had just allowed me to make my very own AOL account. This really makes me feel old just thinking about how far technology has come. What I really wanted an AOL email for was for the instant messaging feature called, “AIM.” My best friend at the time was Honey Girl (this was her nickname and so for her own privacy I will refer to her as such). Her house was just behind mine, but we thought it was so cool that we could message each other form our houses. It was like the advanced version of the cans on the strings. What was that called? Tin can telephone. Except the cans were our computers and the string was the internet. Well, with the internet comes a vast black hole of information and once you start you really can’t stop. Honey was much more technology savvy than me for an 11 year old. She knew how to manipulate a search engine and how to look up juts about anything. This may have to do with the fact that my parents were a lot stricter regarding technology than Honey’s parents. And looking back I wonder if this was intentional. Were they trying to postpone the inevitable information I may stumble upon? Were they trying to protect me? Who knows.

One night Honey Girl and I were instant messaging. About tons of nonsense as usual. Until one particular moment that will be seared into my brain forever. Honey knew that I had Cystic Fibrosis. Did she know what it meant? Probably not, I mean, I don;t think I even knew what it meant. It was just an adjective that I had heard over and over to describe myself. It wasn’t ever a noun, it wasn’t ever a physical object. It was just a word. I had heard it time and time again. But at this particular moment, Honey sent me a website. so nonchalantly she said it was about cystic fibrosis and I needed to go check it out. I clicked on the link. I started reading. The words that I remember most clearly were things like “statistics” “lifespan” “average age” “death”. Mind you, this was 2001. Things have come a LONG way from where they were. But as an 11 year old can you imagine feeling like something as serious as this was kept from you? At least that’s how it felt. How could I prepare for the thought of dying? How could I be worried about my life span? Why is there an “average age” of someone like me? What does this all mean?

I think this is the first moment I ever felt like my life was not my own. That things were spinning out of control. Control that I was so certain of carrying myself. It was no longer mine. This adjective to describe me was no longer an adjective. It was a noun. It was a person. It was a shadow that came in a stole my control in the most ordinary of moments. Everything had changed, right then. At first I was angry at my parents. I asked to talk to them and I screamed, I cried, and I asked why. Why me? Why didn’t they tell me? What does this all mean? Am I going to die at 18? 35? 50? All i can remember is that they didn’t know what to tell me. They thought they had explained it all, but they were wrong. Until the words were read by me with no fluff, no extra nonsense to make it seem less terrifying. I truly didn’t understand the seriousness.

When children are little and cannot say big words, like cystic fibrosis, they use words that sound a lot like what they actually are. The story of “65 roses” can be traced all the way back to 1965 as a term to help young children learn how to pronounce the name of their disease. Kind of ironic though. Something like “65 roses” without knowing what I know, would make one thing of something overwhelmingly fragrant, beautiful, sweet, colorful. Can you imagine a room, empty of nothing other than 65 roses? What would that look like to you? To me, it would look quite the opposite of those words: Putrid, unsightly, sour, colorless. This disease, is not everything that “65 roses” alludes.

So what is cystic fibrosis. Well its a combination of a lot of things that affect everyone that has it completely differently. To put it simply, it is a genetic disease that affects your lungs, mostly. People with cystic fibrosis are not able to break down mucus in their lungs like a person that is unaffected by the disease. Due to this, it is easier for us to contract certain bacterias and more difficult to get rid of them once we have them. This in turns directly impacts our lung function. Gradually creating scarring within our lungs and in turn reducing lung function even more. A viscous cycle.

After this pivotal moment in my life. Things definitely changed. Doctor’s appointments had a different meaning. Certain words would trigger me into a complete “come-apart.” Relationships changed. Comments people made about my cough! Oh that would crawl under my skin. Before I didn’t even think anything of it. “Are you ok?” they would say. Fuck no I’m not ok! But is it worth saying that to someone? Nope. Definitely not. Because then I would have to basically explain my whole life. It took me a long time to learn that its easier to say “yeah, I’m fine.” Because not everyone deserves to know that intimate most vulnerable side of me. Even some people that I thought did deserve to know, such as best friends, or boyfriends, proved me wrong. Conspired with my shadow against me. Turned this disease into a reason to leave, or as a weapon against me. Can you imagine what it would feel like to learn that someone who are in love with cannot love you back because of something you cannot control. “It too much for them to handle.” It’s too hard.” “It’s too sad.” “Who would want to be with someone with a certain death sentence.” It a huge emotional blow.

Now as a 28 year old, I will say that it hasn’t been all bad. I’ve learned so much about myself through having cystic fibrosis. The most important thing I think is that buttering something up is not the same as telling the truth. Being straight forward has such a drastically different impact. I wonder what kind of impact it would have had on me if my parents had told me straight up at 11 years old what this phrase would do to my life. I wonder how it would have impacted that moment in the instant message with Honey Girl if I was able to explain what she had found instead of feeling like the floor below me had disappeared. Instead of free falling into a bottomless pit in my stomach. I knew in that moment I would never say anything less that exactly what I wanted to or needed to say. Has that created animosity? Absolutely. Do I regret being straight forward? Not a bit. Do I think Cystic Fibrosis has changed me for the better. Yes. I try more and more each day to live in the moment. To appreciate every success AND every disappointment. Ti learn something from every experience. Will my “lifespan” truly be shorter than the average human being? Maybe. Maybe not. But will I feel as if each moment has been executed with purpose? Every experience has been carried out to its fullest? No doubt. So maybe what you can take away from “65 Roses” is not beauty, or colorfulness, but The ability for those roses to grow, to soak in the sunshine, to fill its core with water to feed their growth, to bloom, to flourish, and to wither, As all life does. But those who were able to witness the roses through all of their transformation are better off after knowing them, witnessing them, sharing what they’ve observed, and how it has made an impact on them. You are only fulfilled in life if you leave the world a better place than when you found it. After all, isn’t that the purpose of roses in the first place?


“She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulder and made it look like a pair of wings.”

-Ariana Dancu