February 2020 Calendar Spread

Whats up, Buttercups! I am so happy to be back blogging and posting all of my favorite things. I experienced so many drastic life changes recently, but I am so blessed to blog, and work on artwork, and spend more time with my two year old. Planner layouts are a fun way for me to relax and de-stress. I’s almost like meditation for me.

So continuing on with cutting down on some older stickers, I’ve been trying to create layouts with some stickers that I wouldn’t typically use, or do not feel like I have enough of a vision of how I could utilize them into an organized and productive layout in conjunction with other stickers. I noted that I tend to steer away from yellow. Not sure why because, honestly, I think yellow is a B-E-A-Utiful color. But I did notice that I have very few yellow stickers in comparison to other colors. Here is what I came up with.

Monthly Page Layout

I used any yellow sticker I could find in my entire repertoire. I added some gold tape which I like but I wouldn’t recommend this particular tape. I got it at Hobby Lobby and it does not stick very well. But gold and yellow go very well together regardless.

Week 1 Planner Layout

So, the little purple “tab” stickers I have had since day 1. I know, it’s totally overused on this spread in my opinion, but like I said, I’m trying to use some older stuff so that I can buy some new things! Purple is the theme for this one obviously. And there isn’t much to say about this particular spread besides the fact that playing with different shades of the same color is totally cool. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve found that greens, reds and blues (primary colors) are particularly hard to mix different shades of in the same spread. Purples, greens, and yellows you should be good though.

Week 2 Planner Layout

I had this set of flowers that look particularly life-like, which made them hard to combine with any other flowers I had which typically looked like a cartoon or drawing. I started with the flowers and then found stickers that matched the colors within the flowers. I then went back and added the prismatic/stained glass-like tape when I realized That the colors were fairly similar.

Which came first The tape or the stickers?

So, I get this question quite a lot. Are you supposed to start with stickers first or tape first when starting a new planner loyout. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. I typically start with stickers just because I have more of them and I’m currently tying to cut down on some older ones by using them first and working around those opposed to trying to fit them in somewhere else.

I would say to start with what inspires you. Currently, I am inspired by desire for supply reduction. I want less stickers in my sticker box. I I have been working around the stickers. But when I purchase new tapes (which I definitely did yesterday and you’ll see them coming up soon in the march spread!) my gears definitely change to tape first. Because who doesn’t like using their new stuff? Not me. I use newer stuff than my older supplied. Hence,why I am in my current situation of purging via using older stickers first.

Week 3 Planner Layout

I know, I know. This page is overwhelming. Cupid threw up on it. I’m not mad about it, but I mean, look at those ice cream/Popsicle things. How was I going to use those without it looking like A barbie calendar? Thankfully I had and excuse to be kitschy and tacky as fuck: Valentine’s Day. What better way to get rid of all those small little page fillers (hearts) than to heart the shit out of a Valentine’s Day spread.

Week 4 Planner Layout

So recently my best friend came to visit me and I told her to bring all of her planner supplies. By the way, she started using stickers and tapes because of me (#flex). When she was here we had an impromptu planner party. The great thing about getting together with a fellow sticker/tape user is that you can trade! So we went through our inventories and then exchanged sticker that we may not use but the other person will. It was also great because if there were any layouts that we had that we felt were lacking, we could use each others tapes! This is an example of one of those layouts. I purchased a “farmhouse sticker book (not my favorite) that had a lot of muted and grey stickers. One I finished the stickers, I didn’t have a tape that even remotely fit in with the color scheme. This fun tape did the trick. Yes, it has color, but its no muted and simple that it isn’t overwhelming and adds just a touch of character. Also, who uses coffee stickers? Isn’t coffee just a every day thing? Well, anyways, I was inspired by sing these little coffee cups because no one plans coffee. Coffee is just life.

Alright homies. Hope you enjoyed this month’s spread! I will add a link in just a little with all of my products per usual on Likeittoknow.it.


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