September Calendar Spread

I’m back! With full force might I add. I am motivated and inspired! July and August are CRAZY for me but I have so much great new content in store for you guys and I can wait to share it all! So today I am sharing my September calendar spread! Got some new tapes from Hobby Lobby and was also trying to use some old tapes that I have had for a while and felt 0% inspiration from. Here it goes!

Every time I think of “cherry blossom” I think about how every girl in the 90’s used this scent for lotions, sprays, body glitter, EVERYTHING. We adding this striped tape gave it a little upgrade in my opinion.

Everyone know what roses mean to me and if you purchase planner stickers on a semi-regular or regular basis, you probably have a plethora of them. So try and mix it up. This is roses and polka dots part one. I tried to make my own spaces instead of confining myself to the pre-determined areas of the calendar. Turned out pretty well!

“Work and play should be separate; don’t carry your personal life into your office and don’t take any coworker drama home.” -Becoming EmJay

Sometimes I have to remind my self that even though I use one planner for everything, my personal life and my work are two separate parts of my day. That’s where this inspiration came from. I also found some Pinterest inspiration of basically overloading the middle with stickers and leaving the rest pretty bare. Than I got bored which sometime is my calendar downfall. I end up adding to much or adding something I don’t like, but this time I definitely think it paid off. All of that cheetah print you see? yeah. Hand Drawn. By me. Took forever, but I didn’t do it all at once. Just doodled when I had time. Didn’t finish it until today actually. This is definitely my favorite spread for this month for sure.

Pretty simple, too many flower stickers. I know. But I really need to use them. I LOVE the black tape though.

So my biggest problem that I have come across is that I have a bunch of sticker books with a scarce number of stickers left and me being the hoarder that I am, I don’t want to waste stickers so I keep sticker books that I haven’t really touched. So, recently I did somewhat of an inventory of what I have. Turns out, I had a lot of baby blue! So baby blue and striped is what I came up with. Played with making my own spaces again with this one.

Ew. I hate this one so much but like I said I have some stuff I need to use before I invest in more. One of those things is this God awful star tape. It came in a set so whatever, but I think I did what I could with it. But you can definitely tell that I wasn’t feeling very inspired by it.

So there you have it kids! If you have any questions about this months spreads or if you if you have a favorite or just want to say hi please comment below! Love you all bunches!

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