January Calendar Spread


Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. To be honest I’ve been really busy and have had zero inspiration. Nor am I confident in my ability to produce interesting content.

New Year, New Calendar!

I went with my favorite Erin Condren again because I loved it so much last year and I am still using most of the same sticker books until I start running low which currently I am not.

January Spreads

I have also linked most of the products used for these spreads on my #likeitkit page!

Linked here!



October Calendar Sticker & Tape Spread


Happy Fall Y’all!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Think about your pumpkin spices (which I hate), sweaters, boots, and scarves, but don’t forget all the fun stickers they have for fall as well! I recommend getting to Hobby Lobby or Michaels and pick out some cute fall tapes or sticker books to help get you in the spirit. Here are my October spreads!

Month Spread

The month of October, I am trying hard to be kind to myself. I feel like I’ve been way out of sorts. I love this spread because not only does it contain my “Mantra for the Month” but it also incorporates some great colors. What’s your Mantra of the Month?

When Life Gives you Lemons….

OK, so as annoying as this tape was (because it was a lot fatter than I anticipated and I had to cut it down to a reasonable size) I still really like the lemon theme. It also gave me an excuse to use some yellow stickers that I don’t usually use.

Drawing Outside the Lines

It’s OK not to follow the pre-exisitng lines. They are just tools, but they are not required! I enjoyed this layout. Simple but elegant.

PRIDE, anyone?

Pretty self explanatory. Each day is a color of the rainbow. I actually designed this spread in June which is pride month, hence the LGBTQ theme.
Played with making my own spaces; obviously I messed up a lot as you can see where I used white out tape to cover up my mistakes; still turned out OK though.

Thanks for taking a look at my calendar spreads. I know none of these have a huge over bearing fall theme, but don’t worry. Halloween actually falls in the first week of November so I can’t wait to show it to you! Let me know if these inspired you and share your ideas!


September Calendar Spread


I’m back! With full force might I add. I am motivated and inspired! July and August are CRAZY for me but I have so much great new content in store for you guys and I can wait to share it all! So today I am sharing my September calendar spread! Got some new tapes from Hobby Lobby and was also trying to use some old tapes that I have had for a while and felt 0% inspiration from. Here it goes!

Every time I think of “cherry blossom” I think about how every girl in the 90’s used this scent for lotions, sprays, body glitter, EVERYTHING. We adding this striped tape gave it a little upgrade in my opinion.

Everyone know what roses mean to me and if you purchase planner stickers on a semi-regular or regular basis, you probably have a plethora of them. So try and mix it up. This is roses and polka dots part one. I tried to make my own spaces instead of confining myself to the pre-determined areas of the calendar. Turned out pretty well!

“Work and play should be separate; don’t carry your personal life into your office and don’t take any coworker drama home.” -Becoming EmJay

Sometimes I have to remind my self that even though I use one planner for everything, my personal life and my work are two separate parts of my day. That’s where this inspiration came from. I also found some Pinterest inspiration of basically overloading the middle with stickers and leaving the rest pretty bare. Than I got bored which sometime is my calendar downfall. I end up adding to much or adding something I don’t like, but this time I definitely think it paid off. All of that cheetah print you see? yeah. Hand Drawn. By me. Took forever, but I didn’t do it all at once. Just doodled when I had time. Didn’t finish it until today actually. This is definitely my favorite spread for this month for sure.

Pretty simple, too many flower stickers. I know. But I really need to use them. I LOVE the black tape though.

So my biggest problem that I have come across is that I have a bunch of sticker books with a scarce number of stickers left and me being the hoarder that I am, I don’t want to waste stickers so I keep sticker books that I haven’t really touched. So, recently I did somewhat of an inventory of what I have. Turns out, I had a lot of baby blue! So baby blue and striped is what I came up with. Played with making my own spaces again with this one.

Ew. I hate this one so much but like I said I have some stuff I need to use before I invest in more. One of those things is this God awful star tape. It came in a set so whatever, but I think I did what I could with it. But you can definitely tell that I wasn’t feeling very inspired by it.

So there you have it kids! If you have any questions about this months spreads or if you if you have a favorite or just want to say hi please comment below! Love you all bunches!

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Why Choose MONAT for Your Hair Care and Skin Care Needs?

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August Calendar Spread

Hey guys! I apologize that I’ve been pretty absent lately. August is crazy for me with my day time job, and on top of that, we moved! There has been little free time, and when there has been, I’ve used it to eat or sleep. So, below are my August spreads for my calendar. Loved some, hated others. It is what it is. Comment your favorite below!

July Calendar Spread

I had such good feedback regarding my calendar spreads. Not only did I inspire people, but it made me feel incredible that people found them to be cute. So, in an attempt to keep the good vibes, I’m going to keep posting them every month!

Month Page


So as you can see, I’m trying to work on color coating the design portion with the functional part. That way everything matches. I got a HUGE book of flower sticker so I thought this would be a fun way to use them for the monthly spread.

Week One


I can’t lie, this is one of the best spreads I have ever done. But, don’t get discouraged if a spread doesn’t turn out so great because the more you practice with different layouts and different supplies, the better they’ll get!

Week Two


As I said before, every spread cannot be perfect. But, the great thing is that there are tons and tons of products out there. If I had really wanted to I could have gone out to buy some stuff to spruce up this page. However, I didn’t have the time or motivation for this spread.

Week Three


When I first started this spread, all I did were the middle vertical flowers. Honestly, I should have left it that way because it was adorable. So, just try to remember that less is more sometimes!

Week Four


Rose Gold is so popular right now, so I tried out this spread! Turned out pretty good!

Here is a list of the products used for this months’ spreads:

  • Erin Condren Life Planner (Vertical Spread)
  • The Happy Planner Sticker Book (Fun Florals)
  • Erin Condren Designer Sticker Book (Classic Collection/Edition 4)
  • The Happy Planner Sticker Book (Simply Lovely)
  • Agutape AGU Foil Gold Skinny Washi Tape (purchased on Amazon)
  • The Happy Planner Sticker Book (Watercolor)

Hope you enjoyed! Comment or share your ideas below!


If You Can Organize Your Make-up, You Can Accomplish Anything!

Who’s sick of digging through drawers and bins full of eye shadow pallets and lipsticks to find what you need? I know I was.

So, Here’s a step by step tutorial on how I organized everything into 3 easily accessible makeup organizing accessories!

Decide what type of function you are looking for.

I really wanted:

  1. Firstly, create the ability to see the heads/tips of my brushes so that I could make an informed decision on which brush I needed to use with what product and get my desired effect.
  2. Secondly, organizing my makeup into categories based on their use.
  3. Thirdly, to stop having to dig and dig to find products!

So here are the three items I purchased to make that happen that are all available on Amazon!

Acrylic Make-up Organizer

Acrylic Makeup Organizer:

Brush Organizer

Brush Organzier:

Acrylic Eye shadow Pallet Organizer

Acrylic Eyeshadow Pallet Organizer:

Let’s Get Crackin’!

Step #1: Firstly, dump everything out onto a flat surface and make every item visible. Certainly remove all of your brushes and put them into the brush organizer. See? This is easy! Secondly, take out all my eye shadow pallets and put them into the eye shadow pallet organizer. My pile is looking much smaller already.

My Piles VS. Your Piles

Well, then comes the interesting part. It will be different for every person depending on what products you have. The acrylic organizer that I purchased has 4 large drawers, 2 small drawers, and a topper with one large section, two medium sections and a bunch of little small sections for lipsticks. Lets start with the drawers. Divide you makeup into piles.

Large Items

Things that will not fit- These products just take up too much damn space. It’s not a perfect world. But at least I can replace my GIANT make-up bin with a much smaller bin to accommodate these four items.


There is no way I will ever use all of this before my untimely demise. Therefore, I will be leaving these in my will to one lucky son of a bitch in my will. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. This is most definitely my biggest pile. It wont all fit in one drawer, but we will get into that later on.

Lip Products

Obviously, this pile is incomplete as any makeup connoisseurs will be. That’s because they’re EVERYWHERE (in your car, in your junk drawer, in you purse or purses, in your desk.) Healthy habit tip: Once a moth gather them all up! Fortunately, there is tons and tons of extra room in the top divider to display my collection!

Eye Liners

Because the piles were so small, this includes eyeliners for your lids and brows. Throw away any dried up liquid liners you may find.


Non-Brush Utensils


This is a good opportunity to clean out and old dried up mascara if you have any! THROW THEM AWAY PEOPLE!


Face and lid primers are both in this pile.
I currently have any type of contour/bronzer in here too, but later on you’ll see that I decided to combine different things together so that everything would fit.

Not Pictured:

Pile #10 is not pictured because I forgot to take a photo (“Great job, EmJay”): Highlighters!

Pile #11: Trash; sometimes baskets for storage can just be a catch-all for everything; just take it straight to the trash can!

I Have Too Many Piles and Not Enough Drawers!

Step #2: Secondly, you’ll need to combine some piles. But, how do you do that? OK, so there are 4 big drawers and 2 small drawers. That’s 6 drawers in all that I currently have.

What Piles Can You Subtract?

Subtract your piles by 3 if:

  1. If you have a trash pile
  2. A pile of things that won’t fit
  3. Or a pile of non-brush utensils. Essentially, I have 6 drawers but 8 piles.

Let’s Combine!

Therefore, I need to combine some of these piles. Subsequently, the non-brush utensils will go onto one of the little compartments on the top.

My two smallest piles were my liners and mascaras. Therefore I combined these and put them into one of the small drawers.

Too Much Shit and Not Enough Drawers Space?

Now I have 5 drawers left (1 small and 4 big) and with 6 piles. Certainly, my biggest pile is definitely my eye shadows. There is no way that all of my eye shadows will fit in one drawer. So I can a split them up in a functional manner?

Divide Big Piles into Smaller Piles.

In conclusion, I divided my eye shadow into 2 groups:

  1. Pallets/ or multiple colors in one compact
  2. Single colors

Take a look below at my two piles.

As you can see, I divided my eye shadows and then used to of the big drawers and they fit perfectly with some room for growth, but lets be real. I don’t need anymore eye shadow ever.

Combine What Fits, Not What Doesn’t!

Alright, what does that leave me with? I still have 1 small drawer and 2 big drawers. My piles are down to 5.

Take a Look at Your Progress!

Next, was the part I had a little trouble with. Long story short I felt like all face related items (e.i. foundation, concealer, primer, bronzer, contour, blush, and highlighter) really all belong in the same category, but I couldn’t fit all of it together. As a result, I had to move some things around.

Small Detour Ahead

During the process not everything will always fit. I tried to combine a few categories with no avail. But eventually I came out on top. Therefore, I took these 6 categories and divided them into:

  1. Contour & Blush
  2. Highlighter
  3. Foundation & Primer

Nope. Nope. Not Today, Satan.

Definitely didn’t like that. I didn’t like all my foundations and primers out on the top. Just for purely aesthetic reasons. It’s not pretty to look at. So I had to switch it up.

So instead, I combined my foundation, concealers, and contours into one drawer.
I then combined the blush and highlighters into another drawer.

Pucker Up Buttercup!

Lets go over what is left, shall we?. Well, its pretty simple. I have one small drawer left and a pile of lipstick! How meant to be is that? Keep in mind: You have lipstick all over your house. And I love all the colors I have. Put the ugly things in the small drawer and display all the pretty ones or ones you use regularly up top.

Fortunately, I still have some space on the topper. So, what can I use it for? Well, the topper is like, easy access, so I decided to pull a few every day essentials out of the drawer and store them on top. That way I can just grab and go!

Share Your organization Tips Below!

I hope that this little “how-to” was helpful for you. To see the finished product, please click the link to my Instagram!


Dress-up your Dressed-down Wardrobe

So most people aim to be comfortable in whatever their wearing, but what if you want to be comfortable AND stylish? Here’s how a turned a basic T-shirt into a grunge-inspired, fashion forward outfit!

First and foremost, let’s talk about what you can do to the actual T-shirt to dress it up. Knot it. Putting a simple knot or a hair tie bunching fabric to either side or to the front will drastically change the way a T-shirt looks and it also accentuates your mid region. Most T-shirts are loose fitting which makes the bottom appear saggy, baggy, or ill-fitting. Putting a simple knot or tie into a shirt give the T-shirt dimension and something else to look at beside its natural seam line at the bottom. Just bunch up any extra fabric that covers your pants and throw a tie in it and tuck it under the shirt, If you have a lot of extra fabric as I did with this shirt, you can pull the fabric together, twist it tight and then loop it through itself to tie a knot.

The next item I recommend to dress up any outfit is a generic blazer. It will completely change the direction of your outfit from “I woke up like this” into “I’m going to make today my bitch”. For this grunge inspired look I stuck with black, but a blazer in any color will work. I rolled up the sleeves on mine for 2 reasons:

  1. The interior of my blazer has a different print which give my outfit some more dimension
  2. I live in Alabama and it is hot AF outside.

Be mindful of what kind of jean cut you pick. My advice is to pick the opposite pant style as your shirt. If your T-shirt is SUPER fitted I would recommend a boot cut or a flare. If it is more bulky try a skinny jean. You can also play with the rise style and how tight or high you make the knot in your shirt. The jeans I chose are high rise and I tied the knot accordingly so that my belly would stay at bay (for the most part). If you go with skinny jeans be aware of wear the jeans end and your shoes begin. I cuffed my jeans to accentuate my shoes; another useful tip for dressing up an outfit!

Accessories, accessories, accessories. When dressing up any outfit, accessories are KEY. It’s incredible what a big pair of statement earrings, a belt, or even a simple bracelet or watch will do to an outfit. As you can see I chose to stay in the same color family, but feel free to step it up with a big pair of hoops or tassels in your favorite bold color.

I haven’t ever been super into belts with jeans. I usually gravitate towards waist cinching belts with any type of dress to accentuate my non-existent waist. Here I chose to use a belt really to draw attention away from my belly. Because the belt is a different color than my outfit, it is more likely to catch your eye than my midriff if it pops out accidentally.

OMG, shoes. Lets talk about heels. I love them, but how can you make it through a whole work day with heels without feeling like your feet are going to fall off? Here’s my trick: Platforms. Hear me out. If a heel is 5 inches tall and the platform under the ball of your foot 3 inches tall, technically your are only separating the ball and heel of your foot by 2 inches. The platform portion is giving you 3 inches of height without changing the angle at which your foot is sitting. Therefore, in my not-so-professional opinion, platforms are much easier to walk in for longer periods of time. Also, if you don’t have a pair of black combat-style boots, you’re missing out. They can go with pretty much anything.

So there you have it people. If you have any questions about what or where I got any of the items I’m wearing or for more helpful tips please contact me! xoxoxo

June Calendar Spread

Alright, so recently I started doing a little more “designing” in my calendar to keep it fun and fresh and functional. I was tired of having notebooks with lists, a calendar with appointments, and sticky notes everywhere. So I purchased an Erin Condren calendar and over time I have collected a butt load of stickers. It makes my planner not only cute and functional, but it always keeps things interesting. It is also a HUGE stress reliever to design a planner page! I usually dedicate at lease one hour of time for myself on Sundays to design my calendar/planner pages. I try to do it when the weekend is winding down and I’m getting ready to start another work week. I figured, since I love it so much and I always look for other designs, why not share my own in hopes that it inspires some designs of your own! I will list several of the products I use below the pictures of my June calendar/planner pages below if you would like to purchase any of the same products!

So Here is my June Calendar page which is located at the beginning of the month. Then I have separate planner sheets for each week in that month. This inspiration was really just because I purchase some new flower stickers and wanted to see how I could fill some negative space. I love stickers with clear backgrounds because if they are a little too big for a space your can just overlap and still see what is below. I’ve also been practicing my script skills. As you can see in the top row, before the actual June calendar days start, I practiced a quote and added a “beach” with an arrow showing when I will be on vacation!
I am a total stickler for matching colors or color schemes. As you can see the color scheme is mostly hot pink in this one. Not only can you play with stickers to build your design, but you can also use washi tapes. They are basically decorative tapes. You can see where I used some tape on the bottom right page and a little bit throughout just to kind of break up the negative space. If you look closely you can also see where I have already messed up. IT OK TO MESS UP. It’s only a week and once the week is up you won’t have to look at it anymore. I use that whiteout tape to cover up any mistakes or to “erase” appointments that get canceled or changed.
Sometimes when I start to run low on stickers, I have to pick something I have a lot of and then build off of that. So for this one the theme is strawberries and watermelon. I used mostly red but there’s a little bit of green in there as well. Definitely a wonderful summer inspired spread. There is also a little bit of gold washi tape to accent.
The best thing about this Erin Condren spread is that it is completely up to you to customize it. I would say this spread is the closest thing to bullet journaling because it has three dot outlined segments for each day. I’m not going to lie, bullet journaling scares the shit out of me; I don’t feel like I’m creative enough to design a whole functional page. This spread kind of splits the difference. Erin Condren has other calendar spreads such as a daily one where it has 30 minutes times listed from morning until night. I had that one and didn’t like it because it wasn’t customizable enough for me. This one gives me the freedom to make my own functional spaces while still keeping track of daily tasks and appointments at my leisure.
This is most definitely my favorite layout in this month. Watercolor flower sticker are my absolute FAVE! Not much to say about this one. It’s pretty much the shit.
Pretty simple. Mint and Gold. Sometimes you can go ALL out with stickers and sometimes minimalism is better.

So here are some of the items that I used in these spreads of you are interested:

  • Erin Condren Life Planner (vertical layout)
  • The Happy Planner Stcikers (Various packs, all available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Target)
  • agenda 52 sticker pack (also available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Target)
  • Dalus gold foil washi tape (purchased on amazon)
  • agutape skinny gold foil washi tape (purchased on amazon)

As always, feel free to reach out with your comments and questions!


Plump Plump and Away!

Ever thought about getting lip fillers? Let me tell you. Love it and Hate it (sort of).

So when I originally considered getting lip fillers, it wasn’t actually because I wanted my lips to be bigger or more full or more defined. It was because I hate my nose. I know, all of you are probably like, “Shut up, EmJay. You have an amazing nose.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this. And all I can respond with is that it’s not about how you feel about my nose. It’s about how I feel about my nose. I hate it. It’s too big for my face. It makes all my other amazing features seem smaller. I honestly, I don’t care what anyone else thinks. And honestly, if you’re doing anything cosmetic to yourself, it really should be about improving your own self image, not improving other’s image of you. BOOM…. Knowledge…. Anyways, so my thought process was, if my lips were more prominent then maybe my nose would feel so big and out of place on my face. Well, in this aspect of it. I think I was definitely right. Think about your face as a pie.If you cut a slice of pie that is 10% of the whole you will have 90% of the pie left, but if you cut one slice of by that is 25% of the whole you will have 75% of the pie left. It’s all about proportion AND portion.

So, when I first went to my dentist (yes, I get my fillers done by my dentist), I was worried about over-doing it. The celebrities or reality stars that come to mind are Pam Anderson, Catherine Argo (Bachelor contestant Season 23), Lindsay Lohan, Farrah Abraham (Teen Mom) the list goes on and on. But hey, maybe that overfilled plastic look is what they are going for.

How do you gauge how much is too much though? This is what I have experimented with. Start small. Minuscule. Microscopic even. You can always put more in. There is no waiting period for lip fillers. You don’t have to wait weeks or months in between sessions, but if you put too much in, it takes months and months for it to wear off and I know you can get a doctor to remove it, but really, that sounds painful and expensive.

So the product that my dentist offers is Juvederm. When I did my first session I had them do half of a tube (around $250). I wanted a little more definition and a little more volume. After leaving they were a little swollen and I loved the look.

However, after the initial swelling went down, you couldn’t really tell that I did anything to my lips at all.

So for my second session (about six months later) I got a full tube (around $500). Totally defined, totally plump, a little too big and puffy during the initial swelling. It’s only been about 24 hours since I had my second session done so the swelling is still there, but let me tell you. I have already had three people come up to me and say the same exact thing, “You look amazing. Something is different, but I CANT TELL WHAT” THAT right there is exactly what I wanted.

Before the Second Session

After the Second Session

I don’t want to walk around thinking that anyone is talking about my lips being filled. It’s a noticeable difference, but not so noticeable that you can pinpoint exactly what it is that I have done. I also haven’t been staring at my nose constantly wondering if I contour my face a certain way if it will make it appear smaller.

So the important thing to know about lip fillers from what I have gathered is that there are two different types or way of injecting it depending on what look you are going for:

  1. Definition: If you want more definition in your lips you will want to have the injections put in or near the outline of your lips. This will give you a clear indication of where your lips end and the rest of your face begins. I wore lipstick today to cover some of the initial bruising that takes place but even so I’m so happy. Before when I put on lipstick I have a very difficult time figuring out where to end my lip stick. I would always end up drawing them too big or too small or WAY uneven. Now with this extra definition I have, there is a clear difference between where my lips and and my face begins.
  2. Volume: If you want poutier, plumper, more voluptuous lips, you will have injections going directly in your lips in all different places. You can choose if you just want your upper or lower lip done or both! I have several friends who have either had some type of lip trauma or just have a thin upper or lower lip. In this case, they can volumize just one area. For example, I wanted to take away some of the attention from my SHNOZZ and redirect that attention somewhere else, being my lips! Therefore I had them add some volume to accomplish that.

Here’s the part that everyone hates. PAIN. I’ve heard women say countless times, “Why would I do something to myself that’s going to hurt like a mother fucker?” And look, I don’t blame women for asking that. It can hurt like a bitch. Find a good provider who offers pain injections, hence why I go to my dentist. I don’t feel a thing. I get enough local anesthesia so that I’m numb. Like so numb. It might be more expensive, but let’s be real. If you’re already spending money on lip fillers, a little anesthetic can’t hurt either.

24 hours after

And the bruising! No one tells you about that! I’m not going to lie, without my current lipstick, I would look like 50 Shade of Grey turned into 50 shade of purple. I can only think of this one GIF to sum up how it feels.

It may be painful both physically and monetarily, but boy, it’s awesome. How amazing is it that there are so many things you can do to boost your self confidence! But if cosmetic alteration isn’t your bag, that’s OK too. I’m all for it, but ONLY IF YOU DO IT FOR YOU!

Comment any questions or if you have your own experiences that you would like to share!